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Hello everyone, I am a social media marketer expert in Bhutan. where I allow people to learn about my social media knowledge and skills. social media marketing is the most unique and customized type of marketing .

“Having been an art student for 12 years, I constantly explore various disciplines to broaden my own artistic pursuits, integrating a fine art background with design studies and illustration. My current areas of interest and exploration are my Bhutanese culture, human-centered design, and branding. I begin projects by thoroughly researching and then developing my ideas through creative thinking.”

I’m an author. I presently write exclusively Blogs on websites. Work, happiness, money, and general life philosophy are the main themes of Infinite Play. On my website, I used to write a lot on various subjects, but that feels like a different time in my life today. These articles have been stored here. However, my former newsletter, which I published every Monday from it contains some of the best writing. If you wish to look through my notes from the website page. essays, and speeches, you may find them on my website. Bhutan higlad


Social media marketing expert in Bhutan

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