Five Essential Digital Marketing Blogs for Beginners


We’re all digital marketers in the bright new world of online commerce today. Online advertising has grown to be an essential, integral component of public outreach for many types of enterprises, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, nonprofit organizations to small businesses. Why? Because consumers with a tech culture utilize search engines to find products and services before sharing them on social media. Companies increasingly engage existing clients and connect with new ones online. A well-thought-out online approach can result in excellent results, making top digital marketing blogs a highly sought-after source of guidance and knowledge.

You may learn and develop through reading digital marketing blogs. Photograph from Start Blogging Online

The sheer volume of information on the issue is overwhelming if you’re new to the worlds of SEO, social media, and search engine marketing. Numerous digital marketing blogs exist, each offering a unique viewpoint on the continuously changing best practices in this field. Sifting through the noise on the internet, today’s humming hub of communication and business, may be challenging. The digital marketing blogs listed below can offer you first-rate advice and consultancy as you begin to learn how to promote on Facebook or optimize your website for Google (hint: make it mobile-friendly).

1. Buffer social

Social media and online marketing ideas

Buffer Social, which is well-known and well-respected in the social media marketing community, provides a thorough analysis of the most recent trends in a captivating, comprehensible manner. You’d be hard-pressed to find a digital marketing blog with more consistently excellent content and helpful tips for the typical user, earning Social Media Examiner’s #1 rank for 2016. Buffer’s blog, created by the creative team behind one of the most popular social media management programs worldwide, makes online marketing simpler for a large following.

2. search engine land

In the field of search engine marketing, Search Engine Land is a major influencer.

2) Search Engine Land: Must Read News Regarding Search Engines, SEM, & SEO

Look to the cutting-edge editorial staff at Search Engine Land for digital marketing blogs that are published on the cutting edge of the search engine industry. It’s amazing how Marketing Land’s sibling site maintains up with the volume and tempo of SEO and search marketing news as it breaks since it happens so quickly. Every significant change to the Google algorithm and how we determine SEO ranking is published in a stylish and user-friendly news center. One of the greatest digital marketing email services, Search Engine Land, which was founded by pioneers in the search business Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, also distributes their must-read news.

3. content marketing

blogs for digital marketing Narrating a Story

One of the top digital marketing blogs is hosted by the education-focused industry influencers behind Content Marketing World and CCO magazine for hundreds of thousands of online subscribers and followers. To this day, CMI continues to be the undisputed authority on the topic, having essentially coined the phrase “content marketing” to characterize storytelling for digital outreach. Thorough research on complex advertising subjects is developed into informative news stories, as well as one-of-a-kind digital events, consultancy services, and a fantastic online magazine.

4. Hub spot

The Hubspot blog is a must-read source of digital marketing news and analysis for any B2B company. Separated into 3 categories (marketing, sales, and agency) with an immense volume of insightful content, Hubspot sets the standard for inbound advertising content. If you market or sell to other businesses, add them to your RSS feed now or subscribe to receive email updates in your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly!

5. The content strategist

News about content marketing without the chatter

We had to include Contently in this list despite the fact that they have one of the more sophisticated digital marketing blogs available owing to their captivating writing style that covers a wide range of topics in a gorgeously designed interface. In order to create a pleasant surfing experience that the modern minimalist is sure to adore, The Content Strategist removes the advertising noise that you’ll find on other news websites. Their expert analysis of digital outreach, online commerce, and content marketing also covers other topics unrelated to advertising for a varied and compelling daily read.


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