Email Marketing Tips & Examples for 2023


Marketers will place an even greater emphasis on data privacy in 2023 as consumers look to secure their personal information and only share it with organizations they trust. Additionally, the extinction of third-party cookies will make it more difficult for advertisers to target specific customers with advertisements, thus they want a route that permits the collection of first-party data (and consent) from users. Greetings from the fantastic world of email marketing. Even while many of you may currently use emails in your marketing campaigns, are you actually making good use of them to give your audience-specific content? 84 percent of consumers say they check their emails at least once a day, according to Pathwire study. That offers excellent chances to present your business or brand to the public.

1. use personalization

Personalization actually works. According to the Customer Engagement Report 2022 by Merkle, approximately 80% of corporate executives believe that when customers receive a personalized experience, they spend more money (an additional average of 34% more). According to Salesforce’s “State of the Connected Customer,” despite the popularity of personalisation, customers believe that businesses fall short of their expectations when it comes to becoming more personal. Avoid being one of those businesses! Use customization in your emails to increase engagement as well as open rates. This can be as easy as calling somebody on their birthday or mentioning the recipient’s first name in the subject line. Don’t forget to send your email from a person, not a company. To accomplish this, add the recipient’s name to the “from” column. This will guarantee that the receiver will recognize a name when it shows up in their inbox. You can even add a photo so that a person rather than a logo appears, like in this example from Dubsat.

2) Write a catchy subject line

There’s no underestimating the power of a perfect subject line in your email. It’s the first thing a person sees in their inbox so taking the time to write one that’s relevant and attention-grabbing is worthwhile. There are many ways to catch someone’s attention with a headline: Get personal – as we mentioned above use a name in the subject line or refer to something that will resonate e.g. a past purchase or ebook download. Use humor – People are more likely to open an email that makes them smile or pique their curiosity. Don’t be afraid to use humor but make sure it’s something your audience will get. Emojis are commonplace now, so utilize them to highlight your points or make them more relevant. Avoid using weak or clichéd words; instead, use strong language. Be sure to choose phrases that inspire or compel action. Hint at the content: Don’t just use a headline because it worked before; your subject line should represent the email’s content. Make it applicable. Make people inquisitive – People don’t like to be left out, so use that to your email’s advantage.

3) Audit and clean your email lists

You should already know about the demise of third-party cookies on Google in 2024 and the introduction of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP). This has made the way you capture and use data even more important to ensure the protection of customer information. Email is a perfect example of that all-important first-party data source – consensual information – and you should do your best to protect that data. It’s important to look at your database and clean it up. Make sure you have permission to use every email address you have on your lists. If someone has unsubscribed, make sure to take them off any active lists.

5) Include relevant links

Once someone has clicked on your email, you want to make it as easy as possible to direct them to where you want them to go. Don’t just send a prospect or customer into the ether of your website. Make sure you create relevant and customized landing pages that are a follow-on from the email content. Also, include social media handles so people can find your brand easily online. Only include the platforms you are act.

6/ Use Artificial Intelligence

Your email marketing strategy can benefit greatly from artificial intelligence (AI). To help enhance engagement and profitability, there are solutions like writing assistance Rytr and distribution platform Sendgrid that automate various operations. With the use of AI, you may employ cutting-edge computer science methods and processing power to mine large data and consumer data for insights (which includes customer behavior). Tools can be used to deliver automated newsletters, clean up lists, optimize send times, and write email text. View the top marketing automation and artificial intelligence tools.

Email marketing tips for small businesses

Email marketing can be a useful tool for small businesses to increase contact with their clients or potential clients. Being a small business owner has certain benefits, one of which is knowing your consumers’ needs. This will provide you the ability to tailor material to your audience.

If your company is local, make use of that information to create intriguing topic lines that concentrate on solutions. Try the slogan “Manhattan: have a free morning coffee on us!” for instance, if you own a coffee shop. You can organize local activities or participate in them. Along with promoting your business there, you can entice visitors to subscribe to your mailing list or newsletter so they can stay up to date on deals and news.

B2B email marketing tips

B2B companies have the challenge that there can be a long time between becoming a prospect and converting to a customer. This makes email an important channel to provide information and nurture people through the sales funnel.  

Use downloadables – Ebooks or infographics are valuable as they should provide high-quality content in a niche area. Re-engage your email list by directing them to this type of content.  Showcase customer testimonials – Share positive reviews from your customers to provide social proof and endorse your product or service.  Highlight data, news or research – B2B customers like data and research-based information so use tantalizing stats or quotes to draw people in and direct them to the full report or research.


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