Hello, I am Bishnu kumar Raika.

You don’t  have to learn every business lesson,The hard way


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With the help of business coaching, you may quickly overcome any obstacles that you might not be able to see. It’s also a great method to gain the accountability you require to promote an execution-focused culture.

The best justification for hiring a business coach is to acquire unbiased advice from someone who has a track record of advancing your career. This can sometimes imply that they did it themselves and are willing to provide documentation. More importantly, can they demonstrate that they have successfully guided others in your desired direction (more than once)? If so, their viewpoint and capacity to influence change in your company will be entirely worthwhile.

You are the only one who can decide whether hiring a coach is worthwhile. However, reading testimonials (or listening to what others have said) can assist you in determining whether the experience they had and the outcomes they saw were the outcomes you were hoping for.

Learning how to adopt a learner’s posture, or how to leave the expert role and take in information from others, is one of the best things a coach can do. It gives the empathy a coach needs to improve.However, there’s another motivation to put yourself in an environment where you can learn new things.

My skills

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I can design any types of social media poster for business Ads

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Digital Marketing

For marketing propose, I have learn many types of skills in and around

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Support for my team mate

In this past years, I have accompanied with almost hundreds of people. they like my play in the game

Social media marketing expert in Bhutan

About myself

“Having been an art student for 12 years, I constantly explore various disciplines to broaden my own artistic pursuits, integrating a fine art background with design studies and illustration. My current areas of interest and exploration are my Bhutaness culture, human-centered design, and branding. I begin projects by thoroughly researching and then developing my ideas through creative thinking.”

Connect with our team


Ugyen wangdi

He has one of the travel websites, where you can contact him, if u want to visit bhutan


Pema Tashi

from my team, one of the known person of all time. he is talented and friendly person.


vijay rai

one of the unique person. he will help you in any situation . great and bright.


Yanchen deki

she is a women, with sense of humor. she wont make u feel bored. she is knowledgeble person

Co-founder & ceo

passang wongmo

one of the crazy and funny women. talented too.

content manager

sonam yangzom

she is a fast leaner and helps everyone to get through any issues u are facing while travelling

Customers reviews

Hey Bishnu,
So happy you found this post practical! And glad you found extra value by stumbling upon Henneke. Smart blogger is committed to promoting the best of the best to our audience. Cheers,
Adam Sendler
Bishnu, Thanks a lot for this highly practical post! One of the things I like about SmartBlogger is how generous you guys are towards referencing people operating in the same space. Thanks to this post I stumbled upon Henneke, who’s blog I immediately bookmarked for an extensive weekend perusal.
Mike Stuart

Fields of expertise

Graphic Design

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Web development

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Brand strategy

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Art direction

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